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Spike Nations Valorant tournament is returning in October

And Riot has donated €60,000 to charity as part of the event.

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BLAST has announced that its Valorant tournament Spike Nations will in fact be returning this October, in a three-day online event that features 12 teams from the EMEA region made up of various professional players, content creators, and personalities.

Set for October 7-9, the event will feature three groups of four where the top two teams from each group advance to a knockout stage. As for the intricacies of this format, BLAST has mentioned that it will be announcing more news on this, as well as the teams themselves in the coming weeks.

"Welcoming back Spike Nations for a second year is testament to how well the inaugural event in 2020 was received by the VALORANT community," said Leo Matlock, VP of commercial at BLAST. "We've made some exciting additions to the tournament, added new teams made up of more nations than before. We can't wait to rekindle old rivalries and create fun storylines for fans to enjoy."

The nations/regions that will be competing will include:

  • United Kingdom

  • France

  • Spain

  • Portugal

  • Nordics

  • Poland

  • Turkey

  • CIS

  • Italy

  • DACH

  • Benelux

  • Eastern Europe

To ensure the event is successful. Riot Games has even announced that it will be donating €60,000 to charity as well.


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