Spider-Man's Advanced Suit statue revealed

Sideshow and PCS Collectibles have joined forces to kick the Marvel Armory Collection off with a "THWIP".

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Those of you who are looking for a solid statue to display with the rest of your polyresin families or, alternatively, those of you who are just really big fans of Marvel's Spider-Man, can now look forward to the statue that's set to be released as the initial launch in the Marvel Armory Collection. Sideshow and PCS Collectibles have collaborated to bring this 7,35'' 1:10 scale statue to life and the suit that our dear Peter Parker is wearing is the advanced suit, "faithfully captured from its in-game model".

Many tend to be wary of Sideshow for one main reason - the price of the collectables on the site. That said, however, the collectable giant has plenty of more affordable figurines and prints for fans to shop for (as well as some reaching into the hundreds and even thousands of dollars, of course). This statue, in particular, will set one back $84.99 which, granted, isn't cheap but not out-of-this-world expensive either. Those intrigued can look forward to pre-orders opening up on February 27 at 8 pm (GMT).

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