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Marvel's Avengers

Spider-Man still planned for Marvel's Avengers in 2021

PlayStation players can look forward to the web-slinger by the end of the year.

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We've known for quite some time that PlayStation players of Marvel's Avengers will be able to take the iconic web-slinger Spider-Man into action. We were told that it would be in early 2021 that the superhero would be making his debut in the game, but with the nature of the pandemic affecting game development across the whole world that window has since been missed. With the massive expansion War for Wakanda releasing tomorrow, Spider-Man this year seemed like quite a big ask.

But, speaking to Screen Rant, the Marvel's Avengers senior game designer Scott Walters reaffirmed that Crystal Dynamics intends to get Spidey to PlayStation players before the end of the year.

"In terms of what we can say now, we've always scheduled and looked to bring Spider-Man out in 2021 for PlayStation owners. That is still on track, so we'll have more announcements later on this year."

Despite seeing plenty of Spider-Man in videogames over the past few years, we don't know what Avengers' Spidey will look like just yet. But with War for Wakanda coming tomorrow, we can hopefully expect to hear more about the character over the coming weeks and months.

Marvel's Avengers

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