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Spencer says that Xbox Scarlett pricing will be revealed ASAP

"Clearly, price is one of these things people want to know," states the head of Xbox.

Phil Spencer has had plenty of interesting things to say about Xbox Scarlett this week, and this latest soundbite pertains to the pricing of the console, which was unveiled ahead of E3 this week.

During the reveal of the console (well, we were told about it and given some rough specs, but not much concrete) we were left in the dark as to how much one will cost when they release next holiday. During a subsequent livestream on Mixer (and via Twinfinite), Xbox chief Phil Spencer mentioned that confirming the price will be done as soon as possible, they're just waiting to cost the thing accurately.

"The price will be important. Clearly, price is one of these things people want to know, and as we're kind of watching the cost of the components that are coming in, things like tearups and other things, trying to figure out what that price is going to be next year...

"We have a design price in mind, and I think we're going to hit that, but we want to make sure that everything comes in right, so that's the price that we hit. So, we'll get the price out as soon as we can, so that people can make those decisions."

Will you be picking up a Scarlett when they launch next year?

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