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Spencer has kind words for Sony

Xbox boss predicts a good E3 for main rival.

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Phil Spencer continues to add new energy to everything that is Xbox One and seems to be in especially good spirits leading up to this year's E3. A demonstration of this can bee seen by following Spencer's Twitter account, where he just recently posted comments about Sony and analyst Michael Pachter.

In regards to Sony, Spencer wrote the following:

"I don't think Sony is intimidated. Sony is great brand and strong team. Competition is good, they'll have a good E3."

And for all his worries Pachter received this message from Spencer:

"Ahh that @michaelpachter guy, he's a friend. I'll see him after our briefing, we'll see if our show matches his predictions"

Remember that we will be covering all aspects of E3 next week, including the press conferences from Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo and the major publishers...

Spencer has kind words for Sony

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