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Quantum Break

Spencer adresses concern over lost Quantum Break exclusivity

"We have more focus on Xbox at the company from the CEO down than we've ever had."

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Since Microsoft's recent announcement that not only would Quantum Break be getting a Windows 10 release, but also pre-ordering a copy would allow you to download it on both platforms, there's been a fair amount of debate from Xbox users as to Microsoft's latest policies.

Since the announcement head of Xbox Phil Spencer has been replying to disgruntled Xbox players who aren't overly thrilled about this news regarding previously Xbox-Only Quantum Break. Some are upset that the news has been left for so long and others are concerned that Microsoft are trying to drop the Xbox altogether.

"We have more focus on Xbox at the company from the CEO down than we've ever had."

Of course Phil Spencer argued for their position, stating that the point was to open up more titles and possibilities for gamers as a community, rather than building walls to separate them. Microsoft won't be backing down from their decision any time soon, as they've said they've wanted to venture further into the cross-buy feature past Quantum Break.

It does however raise questions for exclusivity for other Xbox titles yet to come like Scalebound, or even titles that have been exclusive to the console for some time like Halo or Forza, but could this really be such a big issue? Or is it opening up more possibilities for gamers across platforms and what Microsoft can do with their incredibly large gaming community?

Quantum Break

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