Spelunky coming to Vita this month

Lone Survivor set to follow in August.

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A selection of new games are heading to PS Vita this month and next, according to a full-page ad in the latest edition of MCV. The ad states that Stealth Inc (released as Stealth Bastard Deluxe on PC) and Lone Survivor are joining Spelunky in launching on Sony's handheld (although Curve Studios later Tweeted that the Lone Survivor date is inaccurate and it is in fact coming in August).

The ad, spotted by Videogamer, doesn't mention PS3 release dates, but seeing as these tend to release simultaneously, it would be reasonable to assume that they're coming at the same time. Spelunky, Luftrausers (also August) and co follow indie games such as Thomas Was Alone and Hotline Miami to the handheld device, as Sony looks to increase the variety of experiences available to gamers who own a PS Vita.


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