UFO 50

Spelunky and Downwell makers team up for 50-game collection

A whole load of games from indie developers.

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A five-person team with some of the most talented indie developers have announced UFO 50, a collection of 50 retro-themed 8-bit games created by Derek Yu, Eirik Suhrke, Jon Perry, Paul Hubans, and Ojiro Fumoto. The team has worked together on the art, design, and programming for each game, with one of the developers acting as a director for each game.

UFO 50 will "explore a variety of genres, from platformers and shoot 'em ups to puzzle games and RPGs", according to the official website. The team says that one-third of the games will feature a multiplayer aspect, competitive or cooperative, and that "our goal is to combine a familiar 8-bit aesthetic with new ideas and modern game design sensibilities."

UFO 50 will be released on PC in 2018 and later to other platforms. You can see some of the games in the screenshots and trailer down below, but what kind of thing do you want to see included in this collection?

UFO 50UFO 50UFO 50
UFO 50UFO 50UFO 50
UFO 50UFO 50UFO 50UFO 50
UFO 50UFO 50UFO 50UFO 50

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