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Spelunky 2

Spelunky 2 player sets new record, earns $11 million in gold in eight hours

And all it took was a lot of bombs.

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A Spelunky 2 player has broken and set a new world record for the most gold earned in an eight hour window, demolishing his own and any previous records set by other players. The run that saw player Twiggle rocking the True Crown item that teleports the player in the direction they are looking also equips the player with 22 bombs each time it happens, which just so happens to be ideal for turning the area into ashes and collecting the valuable gold and gems that are left over.

Twiggle achieved the record by working through the mega Cosmic Ocean that consists of 99-levels all packed into one marathon run that results in Spelunky 2's hardest ending. The most impressive part is that Twiggle didn't even manage to complete the run, he made it to level 7-80, which is around twenty levels short of the end, meaning there is still a very real opportunity for this already remarkable record to be shattered.

To catch Twiggle's Spelunky 2 runs, be sure to visit his Twitch channel here.

Spelunky 2

Thanks, PCGamer.

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