Spelunky 2

Spelunky 2 comes closer to launch with new screenshots

Mossmouth has been hard at work to make the anticipated sequel a sight to behold and assures us that there won't be further delays.

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It's been more than six months since we last heard anything from Mossmouth about Spelunky 2, and that was the disappointing delay. The good news is that the following radio silence wasn't a sign of further bad news.

Derek Yu has now shared four new screenshots from Spelunky 2 on the PlayStation Blog to show off the incredible progress they've made visually since the last time we saw the game. Yu says that they got a lot of feedback after 2018's gameplay trailer, so they've worked very hard on adding more detail to the worlds and generally make stuff look crisper and more eye-catching. We definitely think it shows, so it's good news that the developer also says we're closing in on the release date.

You can compare the trailer with the new screenshots below to see what you think about the changes.

Spelunky 2
Spelunky 2Spelunky 2Spelunky 2

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