Forza Horizon 4

Speedy launch trailer revealed for Forza Horizon 4: Hot Wheels Legends Car Pack

This new line of toy-inspired vehicles is out now.

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If you like speed, reckless driving and colourful cars, then the Hot Wheels Legends Car Pack for Forza Motorsport 4 is definitely for you. It was released yesterday and includes six Hot Wheels cars for £7.99 (£7.19 with Game Pass Ultimate) / €9.99 (€8.99 with Game Pass Ultimate). You can check out the full list of new rides below, and under it is the launch trailer:

  • 1949 Ford F-5 Dually Custom Hot Rod

  • 1957 Nash Metropolitan Custom (The Nash)

  • 1969 International-Harvester Loadstar CO-1600

  • 1972 Chevrolet LUV

  • 1957 Studebaker Golden Hawk 'Dream Roadster'

  • 2018 2 Jet Z (Winner of the Hot Wheels Legends Tour)

Forza Horizon 4

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