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Hot Wheels Unleashed

Speedy announcement trailer for Hot Wheels Unleashed

The game will be arriving on September 30.

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Two weeks ago it was leaked through the Xbox Store that a game called Hot Wheels Unleashed was about to be announced, with a planned release in September, and we even got to see the cover art on the game thanks to the very same source.

A leak like that usually means that the official announcement is imminent, and sure enough. Now Hot Wheels Unleashed has got an official announcement and also the very first trailer. We can look forward to multiplayer racing for up to twelve drivers (two players locally) and also a tool to build our very own tracks.

Check out the announcement trailer below, and further down are the boxarts. The official release is September 30 for all current formats; PC, PlayStation 4/5, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series S/X.

Hot Wheels UnleashedHot Wheels UnleashedHot Wheels UnleashedHot Wheels Unleashed

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