Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two

Spector on Disney: "we should have owned games, and we didn't"

We talked to the developer about Disney and more after his talk about narrative at Nordic Game.

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Warren Spector was at Nordic Game last week and there he talked about narrative in games. After the talk, we spoke to the game developer about the things he spoke about, System Shock 3, and, having worked for Disney, he also had some interesting things to say regarding the past and the potential future of Disney in the video game space.

"I think Disney actually did pretty well when I was there, not because I was there, but we were doing pretty well. The guys at Avalanche with Disney Infinity, and my studio Junction Point with the Epic Mickey games, and several others.

"I think as developers we were doing a pretty good job. I think Bob Iger the CEO is talking more about the publishing side of things, where Disney was never able to make the kind of splash that it wanted to.

"The whole Disney Interactive experience was great for me, but it was very frustrating because with all the properties - I mean Star Wars, Pixar, Mickey Mouse and friends, [and Marvel] - we should have owned video games, and we didn't, and I think it's a shame that they're not making games internally any more."

When asked if he'd pick up the phone if Disney ever called, he made it very clear that his love for Disney isn't yet dead. "If circumstances allow it, I would jump back into Disney in a heartbeat".

Check out the interview below for more on System Shock 3 and narrative in games.


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