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Rainbow Six: Siege

Spacestation Gaming lifts the hammer at R6 Invitational 2020

The best Rainbow Six: Siege team of the United States is also the best team in the world.

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Spacestation Gaming won this weekend at the R6 Invitational 2020 in Montreal after a long week of intense competition that culminated in an epic victory against another great team, Ninjas in Pyjamas Brazil.

Spacestation Gaming, the organisation supported by the NBA's Utah Jazz, was almost perfect round after round during the play-offs. Only Team Solomid was able to take a map from them en route to the final, but the team led by Javier 'ThinkingNade' Escamila was able to push past their opponents. Having fought their way valiantly through the upper bracket, Spacestation entered the grand finals with one point already in the bag, giving them a clear advantage ahead of the best-of-five encounter in the final.

The best of the losers was Ninjas in Pyjamas. A 2-0 loss against Team Solomid sent the Brazilian team to the loser bracket, but they didn't sink after their stumble. Gabriel 'Pino' Fernandes commanded his crew to a 2-0 revenge win against the North American outfit, meaning NiP became the first Latin American Team to make it to the finals. They didn't want to stop there, though, they wanted it all.

Ninjas in Pyjamas entered the Grand Finals with a boost and won the first two maps, putting them ahead of their in-form rivals. In fact, the Swedish-Brazilian team must have been dreaming of the trophy as at one point they were leading the duel 2-1, especially when Spacestation Gaming started slowly in the third match it looked all over.

However, the eventual champions were able to turn things around after being four rounds down, mounting an effective comeback to level things up. That momentum was then maintained until the end of the game as Spacestation took home the glory and a prize of $1,000,000 dollars.


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