Space Punks game director: "I'm really proud to be compared to Borderlands"
Space Punks

Space Punks game director: "I'm really proud to be compared to Borderlands"

Michael Kuk commented on the similarities of the latest Flying Wild Hogs game to Gearbox's looter-shooter universe.

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A few days ago, Flying Wild Hogs announced the chaotic, explosive, action-RPG Space Punks, giving us a good look at its world and the sorts of mayhem we can expect to get up to in it. As part of that announcement, we've had the chance to speak with the title's game director Michael Kuk to get an idea as to what we can expect from Space Punks when it launches on the Epic Game Store in Early Access on July 14.

During the interview, we asked Kuk about the similarities between Space Punks and Borderlands and how Helldivers played into the development of the game. Kuk replied, "When it comes to Borderlands, I'm really proud to be compared to Borderlands. That's like one of my one favourite games of all time. I've got like 3000 hours that I've spent in Borderlands, but to be honest, we never referenced Borderlands. Yes, there was a mention to Helldivers, but that was not when it comes to the structure of the game or like overall idea for gameplay, it was more like, we need a cooperative game, with fast-paced action, with character development, and all that stuff I was missing in Helldivers. That was the initial input of Helldivers. We never treated Helldivers as a point of reference, it was more like, ok I love this game, but it would be awesome if I could move like three times faster and have dodges, and have the possibility to slice through enemies."

You can find the full interview below, where we talk about the free-to-play model of Space Punks and how Kuk would like to see the game on mobile platforms in the future if it is possible.

Space Punks

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