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Space Junkies

Space Junkies

A reminder from the future of what shooters used to be like in the past.

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Multiplayer shooters and Battle Royale are all the rage at the moment, and so it makes sense to bring PvP matches to VR as well. There have been a few other titles here and there, but for one reason or another they never really took off. Ubisoft now serves up their take on the multiplayer VR shooter with Space Junkies. Maybe there is a future for multiplayer shooters in VR?

Space Junkies starts by giving you instructions on how to shoot. At the end of a short tutorial, you are given a gun, and that is it. You need a PS Plus membership in order to enjoy more than just a short shooting range section. It's a multiplayer title after all, but still worth noting as you will have invested a bit in your PS4 and PSVR already at this point and there's really no value here unless you've got PS Plus.

The online game modes include random game mode, team mode and private matches with friends. PvP modes include free for all, team deathmatch and a variation of capture the flag. It is clear that Ubisoft doesn't look to reinvent the wheel here but instead wants to provide players with something that's familiar and well established.

In Space Junkies traversal is key. Thanks to jetpacks you can fly in any direction while looking for something to shoot. Maps are closed areas with distinctive themes, which vary from mystical caves to space stations. Verticality plays an important role here since a target can be found either from above or below.

Surprisingly the game doesn't support anything else besides a basic DualShock 4 as a control method. At first, the controls feel weird, because you can control flying with thumbsticks and by moving your head around. Aiming is done by moving the controller itself, and you very often forget about it when things get hectic. Space Junkies would be great for Aim-controller or Move. It's a real shame, that you can only use the standard DualShock 4.

Space JunkiesSpace JunkiesSpace JunkiesSpace Junkies
Space JunkiesSpace JunkiesSpace JunkiesSpace Junkies