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Space Invaders is being turned into a board game

A Kickstarter campaign has launched that would see a tabletop adaptation of the legendary video game.

Invaders from space are heading to tabletops around the world after the subsequent launch and almost instant-funding of a campaign for a Space Invaders board game on Kickstarter.

The board game required roughly £35K to be realised, and with 29 days still to go that total has already been surpassed. In fact, we can only see demand for this one increase as people become aware of it, so the current £53K total is likely to be a distant memory soon enough.

The game, which is for 2-4 people, sees players defending their moon base from incoming waves of aliens, and it looks just as you'd expect, with designers 612 Games looking to capture the spirit of the video game in this adaptation.

If you want a copy it's currently going for £23 / $30, and the campaign ends on June 15.

Space Invaders is being turned into a board game

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