Dota 2

South American qualifiers for the Riyadh Masters ends in super short squash

The team of beastcoast managed to beat BOOM Esports in just over 10 minutes.

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Dota 2 games last a long time. Before you sit down and click ready for your match, you know you're usually going to have to be prepared to commit an hour to it. That's not the case for every match, and eSports bouts are usually a lot shorter.

Still, the 13-minute finish to beastcoast vs BOOM Esports recently was something no one expected. At the lower bracket final for the 2024 Riyadh Masters qualifier, beastcoast and BOOM met for the second time.

The first game went in beastcoast's favour, and lasted 24 minutes, while the second game was nothing short of a stomp, with one of BOOM's players abandoning the match, forcing the GG to be called.

Heroic joins beastcoast as the South American teams qualifying for Riyadh Masters 2024, and we'll have to see if the winning streak for the latter can last.

Dota 2

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