Dark Souls

Soundtracks for all three Dark Souls games are on Spotify

From the soothing sounds of Firelink Shrine to the tension of the many boss fights, you can relive it all right now.

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Have you been waiting patiently for music streaming giant Spotify to add the soundtrack of your favourite From Software game? If you have, and the favourite in question is Dark Souls, you're in luck, because all three Dark Souls soundtracks are now available to stream through Spotify, as reported by DualShockers.

The wonderful soundtracks, with their soft symphonic tunes and their epic boss battle tracks, are all intact but one, with the third game's tracks having been shortened. Despite that, however, the soundtracks are still worthy of a listen or two, and might bring back some happy (or horrible) memories.

Which is your favourite track?

Dark Souls

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