Mortal Shell

Soulslike RPG Mortal Shell boxed version coming in October

After resonating with plenty of fans, the game is getting a retail edition later this year.

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Mortal Shell is the upcoming soulslike RPG from Cold Symmetry and Playstack, and it's expected to land on Epic PC (with a Steam release to follow next year), PS4, and Xbox One in 4 days, on August 18.

Mortal Shell has proven popular, and its beta successfully attracted around 350,000 players in just one week. Many people have been asking for a physical edition, and Cold Symmetry has heard the call.

In a statement on the official website, the developer has announced that the boxed version of Mortal Shell is now in production and will launch on October 2 (PC, PS4 & Xbox One). It's worth noting that the physical version will only be available in Europe and North America.

In addition to the base game, this version also includes an exclusive fold-out poster and soft back art book. Would you prefer the boxed edition?

Mortal Shell

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