Soulja Boy is back with another gaming console

Another Aliexpress knockoff job or is he "building a new console from scratch, all new design, all new games?"

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Soulja Boy has seemingly revealed that he is looking to take another stab at the games console market. The American rapper, as you might recall, tried to enter the console race back in 2018, but ended up pulling his hardware from the market just one month after release. This was largely due to the fact that these consoles ran unlicensed ROMS and were direct copies of already existing platforms.

Posting on Twitter, Soulja Boy said: "coming soon @SouljaGame." When clicking on @SouljaGame, one of the tweets notes that they are "building a new console from scratch, all new design. All new games. All new deals. Let's make history."

Along with the announcement, we also got a close look at the brand new console, as two images and a video surfaced on Instagram. Bizarrely, the console is pure white and its controller is black and resembles a DualShock 3. Looking at the console, it appears to be purely digital too, as there doesn't appear to be a drive present for users to insert discs.

Has Soulja Boy truly learned from his mistakes? Only time will tell.

Soulja Boy is back with another gaming console

Thanks, IGN.

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