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Elden Ring

Sorry to say, but those Elden Ring DLC 'leaks' are almost definitely fake

The supposed screenshots are being ripped apart by dedicated fans online.

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Screenshots originating from 4chan claim to show DLC areas, weapons, and armour sets for Elden Ring. However, these have since been ripped apart online by dedicated Elden Ring accounts that appear to all but prove them as fake leaks.

Now, nothing is for certain here, and only last week it was revealed Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League would have a battle pass thanks to 4chan. But, according to the evidence, it appears that these screenshots are just made up of a mix of mods, unused game assets, and out-of-bounds areas.

There's also an attempt to put in a watermark at the bottom of each screenshot, but as you can see in the Twitter post above, the Bandai Namco logo only covers a small area of the screen, when in fact it should be all over.

A lot of people are claiming to have the latest on Elden Ring's DLC, but it appears we won't know anything for certain until From Software is ready to release it.

Elden Ring

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