Sea of Thieves

Soon you will be able to play Sea of Thieves without fearing rival pirate crews

Although there will be a catch or two with the mode.

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Rare has announced that later this year, when Season Ten of Sea of Thieves makes its debut, players will be able to explore the seas without fearing being raided and attacked by rival pirate crews.

As mentioned in a preview of the future season, Rare states that the feature is known as Safer Seas and that it allows players to experience a large portion of the game, but not all of it. There will be some caveats with the mode, meaning to get the full Sea of Thieves experience you will need to head into the regular High Seas mode instead.

Specifically for how the two will differ, this is what Safe Seas will allow players to do:

  • Progress up to level 40 in all Trading Companies except The Reaper's Bones and Athena's Fortune.

  • Earn Gold and Reputation at a reduced rate.

  • Earn Seasonal Renown at the same rate as High Seas.

  • Play through all Tall Tales solo or with your friends.

  • Work towards all applicable Commendations and Achievements.

  • Purchase cosmetics from the Outposts and Seapost stores.

  • Invite any Xbox Live friends into your session.

As for what High Seas will allow players to do instead:

  • Become a Pirate Legend.

  • Earn Reputation and Gold for Athena's Fortune and The Reaper's Bones.

  • Hourglass Faction Battles.

  • Captain your own ship.

  • Sail as part of a Guild.

  • Sail as a Trading Company Emissary.

  • Live events such as Gold & Glory.

In terms of the other additional features that will be arriving as part of Season Ten, Guilds will debut allowing up to 24 pirates to come together and make a name for themselves on the seas. Likewise, The Skull of Siren Song will be a new world event that sees pirates competing in a shared voyage race to find a locked chest and its key.

Sea of Thieves Season Ten will debut on October 19, 2023 on PC and Xbox consoles.

Sea of Thieves

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