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Sony's next console is official the PlayStation 5

The company has finally released confirmation about the console, which is coming our way "during the year-end sales season of 2020".

Rumours have been swirling about the new PlayStation for a long time now, and Sony has officially revealed that it'll be coming in the "year-end sales season of 2020", and that it is indeed called the PlayStation 5. In other words, this will be coming during 2020's holiday season.

Some new control features will be implemented with this console, as the team wants to "lead the sense of immersion to a higher level". One new feature in the controller is adopting haptic technology, allowing for a "wider variety of reactions", while another change is adaptive triggers for L2 and R2, with developers able to program trigger resistance to match actions.

"In combination with haptic technology, more realistic actions can be reproduced than ever before," Sony writes. "You will be able to. For example, the feeling of squeezing a bow sharply and the feeling of accelerating an off-road vehicle on a rocky terrain can be reproduced more clearly. Game developers are already starting to deliver initial versions of the new controller, so we hope you will try these new features to your heart's content and expand your imagination."

More information is promised soon, but it's good to get more of an official word on the console that we've all suspected would be called the PS5.

Are you excited for the PS5?

Sony's next console is official the PlayStation 5

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