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Sony's Jim Ryan on PlayStation VR and the year ahead

Uncharted is going to be "mind blowing", and he's "confident" that we're going to enjoy E3.

During GDC we grabbed a word or two with SCE Europe's president and CEO Jim Ryan. During the interview a number of topics were discussed, but naturally PlayStation VR was at the forefront of the discussion.

"We were happy with the reaction," Ryan explained, before confirming that the response from consumers (via retailers taking pre-orders) has been "great."

There's logistics involved with making sure the Camera - which is essential kit for anyone who wants a PSVR headset - is available to those who need it, and also discussed were potential bundles including the console and the VR headset ("that would be one thing we could look at").

Ryan also talked about the games coming up in the year ahead, and according to the man from Sony, Uncharted 4 is going to be "mind blowing."

"It has taken us a little while for our studios to get the measure of PlayStation 4... but when those guys go to town, it will be spectacular," Ryan said of the first party studios finally getting to grips with the console, before adding that "times are going to be good."

Finally, we couldn't resist asking about potential announcements coming later this year, to which Ryan answered: "I'm very confident that you're going to enjoy E3, you're going to love what you hear from PlayStation."

Check out the full interview below.

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Sony's Jim Ryan on PlayStation VR and the year ahead

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