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The Last of Us: Part I

Sony won't replace damaged Firefly Editions of The Last of Us: Part I

Instead, people are offered a discount on their next purchase.

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The Last of Us: Part I was released just before the weekend, and several fans had ordered the pricey Firefly Edition which included a lot of extras, which was only available through PlayStation Direct store. Unfortunately, it didn't take long until people on Reddit, ResetEra and Twitter (a few examples; 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 - but there are unfortunately several more) started reporting that their collector's editions had arrived damaged as a result of poor packaging.

Normally, you would think this would have been easily solved by contacting PlayStation's customer service and sorting it out, but as almost everyone affected could report, Sony was not interested in neither a replacement or, in many reported cases, even a refund (some claim to have succeeded in getting this though after putting in extra effort with the support). Instead, Sony offered people a 20% discount on their next purchase, which means they have to buy more things from the store that delivered damaged goods to get some compensation. Or as a Reddit user puts it:

"There's no replacements. They're giving bullshit 20% off another game on their store. So essentially thanks for spending money! Now spend more money!"

On Twitter, a video game journalist who also got a wrecked Firefly Edition writes:

"Stay tuned - this is obviously widespread and the support I'm getting from PS is atrocious.

UPDATE: After nearly 45 mins and two separate chats with support, there is no option for replacement. I've been offered a 20% voucher on a future game order. And I can return this if I want. 🙃"

Did you order the Firefly Edition of The Last of Us: Part I, and did your copy arrive in pristine condition?

The Last of Us: Part I
Image from Joshhawks92 on Twitter.

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