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Sony won't offer a Smart Delivery-like program for PS5

Publishers are being left to their own devices in terms of how they transition their customers between PS4 and PlayStation 5.

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Microsoft has been working really hard to get as many developers and publishers as possible to join their Smart Delivery program for Xbox One and Xbox Series X. Basically, it's a way to only buy a game once and then get the best possible version for all current and future Xbox consoles.

Many people have wondered if Sony would offer something similar, but when Japanese outlet Gamespark contacted Sony to find out, they got a negative answer (translated by BlackKite on Twitter). It turns out that there won't be a unified program for these things and it will be up to each publisher to handle it as they please for PlayStation 5.

This will likely lead to a lot of different rules and ways of handling upgrades for PlayStation 4 games to PS5. It's worth remembering that Microsoft's Smart Delivery isn't mandatory, so there will be different solutions on Xbox Series X as well, and that's not to mention EA, which has a time limit on upgrades for Madden NFL 21 (and won't allow upgrades for physical games).

Hopefully as many publishers as possible will support Smart Delivery and have similar rules for PlayStation 5 because it's easy to get behind the idea of only having to buy a game the one time.

Sony won't offer a Smart Delivery-like program for PS5

Thanks, VG247.

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