Sony UK boss: "Demand for PS4 is phenomenal"

"We've delivered the magic balance between power and price."

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With a backdrop of gamers queueing up for a chance to get their hands on a console and with stores up and down the country opening there doors for a stream of late night customers, SCE UK & Ireland boss Fergal Gara was talking about PlayStation 4, describing demand for the new console as "phenomenal".

"I can't comment on the competition," Gara told VG247, "and I don't really know the details of their position regarding stock or demand. What I do know is that our stock position is good and demand for PlayStation 4 is phenomenal; definitely the strongest we've seen for any PlayStation platform."

"We find it absolutely heart-warming and humbling that gamers are returning to PlayStation and that the message we've been delivering all year has gone down really, really well. They trust us, and they respect the work we've done to deliver such a great machine at such a great price, and bring it out in a timely manner. Of course we keep an eye on the competition, but we're playing our own game here, sticking to our own agenda, and we have done since February," he concluded, making yet another gentle dig at Microsoft's inconsistent message regarding DRM and always-on for Xbox One.

Sony UK boss: "Demand for PS4 is phenomenal"

In the same insightful interview, Gara was asked if the public's increased appetite for technology, fueled by devices such as the iPhone, had changed the way that Sony had approached the launch of PS4.

"In gaming it's still rather similar," said Sony's UK boss. "The people that come in over the next few days, weeks and months will be the hungriest, keenest early adopters. Also, there are those who may be ready for a new console more than others. Some people bought a PS3 last week, and I'm sure they're still enjoying that. Some people bought a PS3 six years ago, so they're really ready to move on. The triangle model, as you describe it, we do see applying, though it may be more rapid."

He then continued: "Your touching on the Apple effect there... actually the biggest dynamic I might see from that tech sector is readiness to change technology more rapidly, and the appetite to jump into PS4 early seems to be there. How much of that is the seven year wait, and how much of that is conditioning by other tech sectors in which a layout of £350 is not considered huge anymore, I think there might be a bit of that going on. But value matters to us, and we worked really hard to get to that price point and deliver the power that we have done in PS4. With PS4 we've delivered the magic balance between power and price."

The PlayStation 4 launched in Europe in the wee small hours of this morning. More details can be found here. We've also got our hands-on verdict of the console, as well as a collection of all the launch review scores.

Sony UK boss: "Demand for PS4 is phenomenal"

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