Blood & Truth

Sony: There will be 280 PSVR titles by the end of 2018

The library is quickly filling up.

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There is already a surprising amount of games and experience available for PSVR just over a year since the launch of PSVR in October of 2016. In fact, currently there are around 150 games available, and this is expected to increase to around 280 titles by the end of 2018. This was revealed in a statement from Sony given to Nikkei (as translated by Siliconera).

Sony revealed back in December that they've sold through two million units of their affordable high-end headset, and clearly there are a lot of new PSVR owners looking for games to play. It should be noted, however, that Sony isn't completely in control of how many games actually make it out for PSVR in 2018, but this is their estimation.

Among the games we look forward to are London Studios' Blood & Truth, Ubisoft's enigmatic Transference, the cute mouse adventure Moss, Supermassive's creepy looking The Inpatient, Fast Travel Games' Apex Construct, and the mysterious Star Child.

Blood & Truth

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