The Legend of Zelda Movie

Sony: The Zelda movie is made in "closest possible collaboration" with Miyamoto

We'll see how this translates when the live-action film eventually premieres.

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There were many who breathed a sigh of relief that The Super Mario Bros. Movie turned out as good as it did, while paying homage to the original material and taking it to new heights. One of the reasons for this was that Illumination worked closely with Nintendo and that Mario's creator himself - Shigeru Miyamoto - was the producer.

With the upcoming Zelda movie, however, there's a lot more that can go wrong. For one thing, it's not an animated movie, so it really needs to get the casting and setting right, and for another, Link is about to speak, which, as we all know, he's never done before.

But Sony is not worried. In a Deadline interview with Sony Motion Pictures Group chairman Tom Rothman, he is asked how they will avoid the pitfalls of movies based on video games:

"Because the movie is being developed and made in the closest possible collaboration with Shigeru Miyamoto. He's a true genius in that world, and it's really his strong vision that is motivating it. He created it and understands it thoroughly. You only to look at the results of Super Mario Brothers to see."

And better consultation than that is of course hard to find, we keep our fingers crossed that the movie actually lives up to its full potential.

The Legend of Zelda Movie

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