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Sony says we should expect more crossplay

Despite formerly being quite hesitant to the feature.

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It was no secret that Sony wasn't a fan of crossplay, and tried to prevent their users being able to play with other formats. Still, many people were surprised when Epic revealed during the hearings at the Apple trials, that Sony had a form of compensation system in place to allow crossplay. Something the Epic boss Tim Sweeney said Sony were the only one to have.

But now they might have reconsidered this stance, and in a Axios interview with the PlayStation chief Jim Ryan, he clearly states that "we support and encourage cross-play". When talking about major titles for PlayStation 5 that support crossplay, he also adds: "That number will continue to grow".

Hopefully, this means that a new policy might be in place at Sony. Just a month ago, the Gearbox founder and CEO Randy Pitchford said they had to remove Borderlands 3 crossplay support from an update to PlayStation consoles (while including it for all other formats). Even if he didn't say way, it don't seem to be to farfetched that it is related to Sony's stance towards the crossplay concept.

Sony says we should expect more crossplay

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