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Kingdom Hearts III

Sony releases Limited Edition Walkman for Kingdom Heart III

Now you can listen to your favourite Kingdom Hearts tracks on the go or in the sanctuary of your own home.

In celebration of Kingdom Hearts III's launch, Sony has released a Walkman with the series' beloved protagonist on the case. Coming in stylish black packaging, the limited edition cassette player (which has 16GB of internal storage as opposed to playing real cassettes) is being sold for 28,880 yen - equating to around $263 USD - which makes it a pricy addition to any Keyblade wielder's collection.

Looking for something else? Sony also has created limited edition headphones - with Kingdom Hearts Iconography covering the audio equipment - which will run you 24,880, or roughly $226. With how good these two look, it's no wonder Maleficent was so keen to get her hands on the black box.

There certainly has been a fair amount of buzz around this sequel, as fans have been waiting years for it, which is probably why it's the fastest-selling game in series history and has topped the UK charts. If you want to know what we think though, be sure to check out our review.

Are you going to pick up one of these up?

Kingdom Hearts III
Kingdom Hearts III
Kingdom Hearts III
Kingdom Hearts III
Kingdom Hearts III

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