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Sony plans to have 2 million PS VR2 available at launch

Production is said to have started as early as last month. The figure corresponds to approximately one third of total PSVR sales in its lifetime.

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In early 2023 we'll finally get Sony's next iteration in virtual reality with the launch of PS VR2, its PlayStation 5-compatible headset. Despite some controversial backwards compatibility decisions, PS VR2 has some substantial features and improvements over current PSVRs, and the game catalogue does nothing but suggest that it could be a significant step up from current VR hardware.

And Sony has put a lot of faith (and a lot of resources) into it, as according to Bloomberg, Sony reportedly planned to arrive at launch with around two million PS VR2 units. That would mean putting nearly a third of total PSVR units sold on sale on day one.

The figure is also surprising because in order to use PS VR2 you need to connect it to a PlayStation 5, which for now still has serious distribution problems and somewhat poor sales. At the moment we still don't know the exact release date and official price of PS VR2, but considering that the above-mentioned article states that these units are planned for March, it wouldn't be surprising if the headset arrives on the same day in style.

Sony plans to have 2 million PS VR2 available at launch

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