Sony patents an esports betting platform

This follows Sony acquiring the fighting tournament EVO a few weeks ago.

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Judging by a patent that was released this month, Sony seems to have plans to launch their own betting platform for esports. The patent was filed back in 2019, and has different ways of calculating odds like "video may be searched to identify where in the video a virtual grenade has the possibility of killing one, two, or three characters".

Thanks to this system, it would be possible to bet on a lot of things others that who wins a match. Considering how Sony right now seems to double down on multiplayer with most of their major studios (Sony Bend, Guerrilla Games and Sucker Punch to name a few) and have several exclusive third party titles coming with multiplayer focus (like Firewalk Studios and Haven Studio), and also bought the fighting tournament EVO - we'd say there are signs pointing towards Sony giving esports more love going forward.

Sony patents an esports betting platform

Thanks, GamingBolt.

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