Sony paid $229 million for Insomniac last year

A recent report has detailed the true cost for Sony when acquiring Insomniac.

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You might remember that last August Sony announced that it had acquired Insomniac and made the studio part of the PlayStation family. It came about after the success of the PS4 exclusive Spider-Man game, which at the time of the studio's sale, had sold more than 13 million copies worldwide.

In a recent filing made with the US Securities and Exchange Commission, it has become clear that the acquisition of Insomniac cost Sony $229 million. It can now be expected that the two will continue to make exclusive titles for Sony when the PS5 launches later this year.

Insomniac Games has always worked closely with Sony, after being founded in 1994. In fact, the first 18 years of Insomniac's existence they exclusively made games for PlayStation, with well-known franchises such as Resistance, Sypro and Racket & Clank.

We look forward to seeing what the future will hold for these two companies, but one thing is for sure, all future releases will be exclusive to the Playstation platforms.

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