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Sony ordered to refund FIFA packs

An Austrian court has found FIFA packs to be a form of gambling.

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Loot box mechanics have been scrutinised for years, and while a lot of games have instead adopted battle passes to squeeze extra money out of their players, some titles still offer "surprise mechanics" to their audiences. FIFA packs are some of the biggest sinners here, and an Austrian court has recently ruled that they are illegal under The Austrian Gaming Act of 1989.

This case dates all the way back to 2020, when an Austrian teenager claimed Sony had allowed him to gamble on its platform. Similar lawsuits emerged, with many claiming that the hundreds of euros they'd lost on FIFA packs were down to Sony allowing this form of gambling on PlayStation.

While it was decided by the Austrian court Sony would have to refund FIFA packs, this was only for the original claimant, with the refunds only amounting to around €338.26, a measly sum for the platform owner.

Do you think loot boxes are gambling?

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