Sony on the lack of Vita focus at E3

PS4, PlayStation Now, Morpheus and PSTV took precedence this year.

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During our E3 interview with Jim Ryan (president and CEO of SCE Europe), we asked why the PlayStation Vita didn't get as much stage time during Sony's press conference this year.

"You get an hour and half on the stage," Ryan explained, "and you've got to work out what's really important to talk about. And obviously PS4, and we also wanted to talk about the innovation stories of PlayStation Now, PlayStation TV and Morpheus. So that stuff was all top of the list."

He continued: "We did talk about Vita, and we name-checked some of the games that are coming to the platform. We name-checked the fact that there's over 100 games in production still. We name-checked the remote play functionality with PS4."

"You know we spoke about it in the context of PSTV [earlier in the interview], but let's not forget that remote play is here and now with PS Vita and it is incredibly well received. The statistics about the way people use remote play with their PS Vita are very strong, and when people do it, it's not like they try it once and then put the Vita away... they go back and they use remote play on their Vita again and again and again."

We'll be running the full interview with Jim Ryan on the site tomorrow, so for further discussion with regards to PS4 and much, much more, make sure you stay tuned to Gamereactor.

Sony on the lack of Vita focus at E3

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