Sony on DRM: "We had no intention of changing"

House reveals platform holder had no plans to change used-game model.

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Microsoft drew a lot of flack for announcing their intention to change up the way that fans purchased and sold used-games, to the point that they had to backtrack from the position announced during the console's unveiling.

Sony, meanwhile, lapped it up, sticking the metaphorical knife in during their E3 conference. There were smiles all round, and while it looked like they were merely taking advantage of a situation gifted to them by Microsoft, there was speculation that they were thinking of adopting a similar model to the one proposed during the Xbox One's unveiling, but changed in the wake of the vociferous fan reaction to the new model.

According to Sony's Andrew House, this isn't the case, and the platform holder had no such plans. In an interview with the Guardian, the president and CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment revealed that their plan was to stick with the current model, and had no intention of dabbling with change.

"I guess, dating from about our February event, there had been questions about what our online policy would be," House said. "And I have to say that we were slightly perplexed, because we had no intention of changing from a model that I think has served us really well for several platform life-cycles. And then, of course, it was really the actions of others, and the reaction coming from consumers, which led to more speculation. So we felt that with E3, and Monday night's press conference, it was a really good opportunity to set the record straight. But there weren't any changes that we'd been considering."

Sony on DRM: "We had no intention of changing"

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