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Sony is back on top of Metacritic's annual publisher rankings

After coming in second in 2021, the publisher took the top spot in 2022.

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Metacritic has once again collated and gathered a ton of data to show just who critics think are the best games publishers around the world. This information is taken based on review data over 2022, which has been collected and averaged to see just which publisher both scored the most total points, but also had the highest average Metascore, best ratio of good-to-bad games, and even how many "great" games it netted over the year.

And for 2022 this saw the titan that is Sony Interactive Entertainment back on top, after it only managed to earn second place in 2021. The publisher released 15 games, all of which were categorised as at least "good" games, with two being "great", all making for a total score of 338.4 points and an average Metascore of 85.6.

For comparison, the second placing Paradox Interactive launched six "good" games, didn't achieve "great" with any, but did score 322.7 points, and average 81.8 Metascore for each of its titles.

The top ten list of publishers can be found below, with the full list of publishers being found here, which sees Nintendo in 12th, EA in 17th, Bandai Namco in 24th, Square Enix in 26th, and Xbox Game Studios not making the cut whatsoever.

  1. Sony Interactive Entertainment

  2. Paradox Interactive

  3. Activision Blizzard

  4. Focus Entertainment

  5. Take-Two

  6. Capcom

  7. Sega

  8. Annapurna Interactive

  9. Humble Games

  10. Devolver Digital

Sony is back on top of Metacritic's annual publisher rankings

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