Sony has sold more than 40 million PlayStation 5 consoles since launch

The sales rate is slightly lower than PS4 in the same period, but then the world didn't know about COVID.

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After Sony announced PlayStation 5 to the world in 2019, the world changed...a lot. We had to deal with a global pandemic, a shipping crisis and component shortages. Events that slowed down (and even almost brought to a standstill) the sales of next-generation consoles. However, now that the worst is behind us and gamers are encouraged to make the leap to PS5, Sony has announced that more than 40 million consoles have already been sold since November 2020.

PS5 has taken just two months longer than PS4 (the fastest PlayStation console to reach that figure), which is a huge statistic that shows just how strong PlayStation continues to be in the gaming industry. PlayStation boss Jim Ryan shared some facts about the milestone in a blog post:

"Despite the unprecedented challenges of COVID, our teams and our partners worked diligently to deliver PS5 on time. We continued to face headwinds with the pandemic, and it took months for supply chains to normalize so we could have the inventory to keep up with demand. For more months than I care to remember, we kept thanking our community for their patience while working through these issues. But now PS5 supply is well-stocked and we are seeing that pent up demand finally being met."

Since January 2023, more than 10 million PS5s have been sold to date, and it currently has a catalogue of more than 2,500 games. Taking into account the release of Marvel's Spider-Man 2 in the autumn, Sony plans to sell 25 million consoles this fiscal year, according to Reuters. At the moment, it is well on track to reach that figure.

Sony has sold more than 40 million PlayStation 5 consoles since launch

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