Sony has now sold two million PS5s in Japan

While impressive, the console is falling behind the PS4 and PS3 so far in the country.

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PlayStation 5 has now reached two million units sold in Japan as of October 23, as VGC reports. You might think that's a big number, but compared to Sony's previous consoles, it's been quite a bit slower for their latest console to reach those numbers. In 101 weeks, PlayStation 5 sold what took PlayStation 4 ninety weeks and PlayStation 3 just seventy-three weeks. But at the same time, the numbers don't really show it fairly because after all, PlayStation 5 has been in short supply for a long time in the shadow of the pandemic and not only that, it's also the most expensive console from Sony.

As if that wasn't enough, Japan has also been plagued by scalpers just like the rest of the world, buying up consoles and then re-selling them for a more expensive prices.

In Japan, as usual, it's Nintendo's consoles that dominate the market there, with the Nintendo Switch selling a whopping 25 million units by June. We can compare that to PlayStation 5 selling 2 million in the UK in 98 weeks, exactly the same amount of time it took for PlayStation 3. Up to June, PlayStation 5 has sold 21.7 million consoles in total globally.

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Sony has now sold two million PS5s in Japan

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