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Sony congratulates MS on launching Game Pass in Japan

Sony has been offering kind words to their friends at Microsoft after the subscription launched in Japan.

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We expect the console wars for the next generation to be fairly ugly, as usual for no good reason really. This time aroudn we're looking at two fairly similar consoles with fairly similar controllers and components from the same company (AMD) that 90-95% of the time will run the same software. They even have crossplay these days.

But fortunately, the people running PlayStation and Xbox doesn't seem too keen on participating in the wars of old, and yesterday Shuhei Yoshida from the Playstation team said tweeted "Congratulations!!" as a response to Xbox boss Phil Spencer announcing that Xbox Game Pass is about to be released in Japan. Spencer replied:

"Thanks @yosp Hoping you, the family and teams at PS are all safe and healthy."

Yoshida ended the conversation by adding:

"Thanks Phil, the same to you and the team Xbox. The recent Inside Xbox was very nice, recorded from home."

It might seem like nothing, but in a world where gamers squabble and good-natured discussion often gets too hostile, it's good to see such influential people setting a good example.

Sony congratulates MS on launching Game Pass in Japan

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