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Sony changes procedure for banning offensive PSN IDs

From now on players will be given a temporary ID until the situation is resolved one way or another.

Back in the olden days, before players could swap out their outdated PSN ID for a new one of their choosing, Sony used to have to outright ban accounts with offensive titles. Now, however, in this modern age of name-swapping frivolity, it seems a new and less draconian solution has emerged.

Sony has, according to its new terms of service, put forth a new method for dealing with offensive PSN IDs whereby scandalous account names are now switched out for temporary IDs. Now, according to Gamasutra, players who go for a name change that gets flagged as inappropriate will automatically get a new one that reads "TempXXXX". After that, they'll have to either choose a new ID that doesn't violate Sony's terms or revert back to the original.

The PSN ID name change was a much-requested feature, but it does come with potential consequences. Sony has issued a list of games that can be affected by an ID change, with some games having potentially "critical" issues in the event of a swap. For details on the games that can be affected and to what extent, and for more details about the process itself, head here.

Sony changes procedure for banning offensive PSN IDs

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