Sonic at the Olympic Games: Tokyo 2020

Sonic visits the Olympic Games with new mobile title

Sega's mobile division will be bringing Sonic at the Olympic Games to iOS and Android, as a companion for its upcoming Switch title.

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This year Nintendo went pretty wild at E3. We had a direct which was up for contention for the best conference, and loads of AAA titles which saw their first gameplay revealed. If the events of this year lead us to one conclusion, it would be that the Switch is going to have a brilliant next few months, and one big title in the next year will also release on mobile.

Sonic at the Olympic Games is the mobile partner to the upcoming Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games, coinciding with Tokyo 2020. As the name suggests, this is strictly about the speedy blue hedgehog, and it actually doesn't have ties to the Switch title and won't feature any form of cross-system play. What it does have, however, are 15 unique events, featuring track, field, shooting, and even diving. On top of this, the game will have a host of unlockable characters, tied to the Sonic universe, which can be obtained by progressing through the story mode.

As for online and multiplayer modes, this will not allow for direct competition, although it will feature the usage of leaderboards to bring a degree of sportsmanship to each of the playable events. This means that while the game is played strictly solo, there will be ghosts and data from friends to push you to better your times with each run.

We can look forward to this release during spring 2020 when it lands on iOS and Android, likely to be around when Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 launches itself.

Will you be donning the iconic red running shoes come spring 2020?

Sonic at the Olympic Games: Tokyo 2020Sonic at the Olympic Games: Tokyo 2020

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