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Sonic Mania Plus

Sonic Mania Plus release date confirmed

Hitting retail shelves on July 19.

Last year Sonic Mania proved the there's plenty of life left in our favourite blue hedgehog, as it was the best game released in the franchise for years. More recently Sega announced that not only had the game sold one million copies, but it would be getting an expanded version, Sonic Mania Plus, that's also getting a retail release. Now we know that the game will hit store shelves on July 17 (US RRP: $29.99), and on the same day owners of the game will be able to upgrade to Plus via DLC (£3.99/$4.99).

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Sonic Mania Plus
Sonic Mania PlusSonic Mania Plus
Sonic Mania PlusSonic Mania PlusSonic Mania Plus

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