Sonic Colours: Ultimate
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Sonic Colours is getting the ultimate paint coat this September

The blue hedgehog runs full throttle into the remaster paint pot.

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Sega has just confirmed the rumours that a German recording studio started in mid-May. 2010's Nintendo Wii game Sonic Colours is starting a new run on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch in early September. The publisher calls this remaster Sonic Colours: Ultimate and the developers Blind Squirrel Entertainment are responsible for it.

Besides putting on HD paint, fans of the blue hedgehog can look forward to modern control options and a new game mode. In "Rival Rush" you compete against Metal-Sonic and whoever wins the race earns rewards. Sega promises improvements for gameplay and graphics, which we unfortunately have no further info about. However, the publisher was all the more informative when it came to pre-order options.

Whoever buys the physical edition of Sonic Colours: Ultimate receives a keyring of Baby Sonic. Digital pre-orderers will get earlier access to the game (the exact time frame is unclear) and customization items for Sonic. This includes profile pictures, skins in the colours gold and silver, as well as the turbo boost from the official Sonic the Hedgehog film. How expensive the fun is was not disclosed.

In Sonic Colours Sega's mascot has to save alien "Wisps" from the terror of Dr. Eggman. In return, we receive new abilities which are needed to conquer the six colourful themed worlds of an intergalactic amusement park. You can re-experience this adventure on September 7.

Sonic Colours: UltimateSonic Colours: UltimateSonic Colours: Ultimate
Sonic Colours: Ultimate
Sonic Colours: UltimateSonic Colours: Ultimate

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