Songs of Conquest

Songs of Conquest sells 500,000 copies, reveals new roadmap

Since leaving Early Access, the nostalgic strategy game has got a lot of love.

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Following its 1.0 release, Songs of Conquest has hit a major sales milestone. Now having sold 500,000 copies total, the nostalgic strategy game is getting a new roadmap which will give players new content to look forward to.

If we look over at the new roadmap, we can see that a paid DLC - entitled Rise Eternal - will be planned to release this Autumn. It's going to focus on the undead faction the Barony of Loth, while another DLC coming in the Winter will see Arleon as the main focus.

Two more DLCs are planned to release some time in 2025, and by Spring of next year we should see two new factions in the game, too. The Vanir are a faction of trolls, while the Roots are plant people, essentially.

Songs of Conquest

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