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Songbringer to have "bespoke" feeling procedural worlds

We spoke to Nathanael Weiss at PAX East about how the world generation works.

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Songbringer is an upcoming action-RPG where players assume the role of 'accidental hero', Roq Epimetheos. Usually a fan of partying and making music, stumbling across the nanosword in a cave and awakening an ancient evil wasn't what he had planned for the weekend.

Unlike most action RPGs, Songbringer is procedurally generated and your world is created based on a six letter world seed you choose at the start of the game. When we spoke with the game's creator, Nathanael Weiss, he told us all about this Legend of Zelda inspired title.

"The story is always gonna be the same, but they occur in different orders, but the music is procedurally generated as well, so it changes its melody based on your world seed. The game is kind of generated with algorithms, that are all meant to give you that feeling of a bespoke world, like a custom designed world.

"For example, the first dungeon can't ever be too far away from the home screen, so you're probably not going to find a world that's too difficult. But yes, there are probably going to be some worlds that are buggy because with 300 million worlds or whatever to test, they're never going to all be tested. Probably not even going to be played, some of those worlds. There's going to be some bad ones in there."

As Songbringer was originally funded on Kickstarter back in 2015, there's been a lot of support for the game. "It's been a humbling, amazing experience to be creating a game and then have so much amazing support and to be able to get it out on so many platforms too, whether players want to play it on Xbox, PC or PlayStation.

"It's coming out this summer, the game is almost finished, from my perspective it'll be a few more months and then it's finished. I've got to finish the final boss, finish the final story elements and it's almost finished."


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