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Guilty Gear 2020

Something on Guilty Gear is coming tomorrow

Tokyo Game Show will be kicking off soon, and it appears we'll be seeing more on next year's entry in the Guilty Gear franchise.

Earlier this year Arc System Works gave us the briefest of teasers regarding a new Guilty Gear game coming in 2020, but it seems we'll hear more about it tomorrow.

That's because the developer has tweeted that we should "watch this space" tomorrow, September 12, at around 19:45 PST, which means those of us in Europe should stay up until 03:45 BST, or 04:45 CEST the next morning.

We don't have any details other than this, although another tweet in Japanese from Guilty Gear's page indicates we'll be seeing more on the game at the Tokyo Game Show this Friday, September 13, on the Sega Games stage, with more details available here.

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Guilty Gear 2020

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