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Something new is coming to Animal Crossing's official site

There are a bunch of "under construction" placeholders.

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Is Animal Crossing for Nintendo Switch happening so soon? Well, that's probably a bit of a stretch, but what is clear is that something is going on with Animal Crossing's official site, and with Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp for mobiles out in the wild already, fans are hoping that these interesting developments point to something significant on the horizon.

The site's frontpage remains as usual, but a number of people on Twitter are pointing out several changes that have been made to the news page. It is indeed under construction and full of placeholder material.

For example, a trailer for Zelda: Breath of the Wild is being used as a test video, whereas the text for the articles comes from Franz Kafka's Metamorphosis. A clue of things to come?

Unless Animal Crossing is readying an (even more) philosophical change of tone, it looks like a complete overhaul of the site is on the way. Therefore, in terms of new content, two possibilities come to mind; either it could be a new place for Pocket Camp players to get upcoming news, or it's a news hub for the yet-to-be-announced Switch entry.

For now, Nintendo hasn't said a thing about the matter, but you're free to speculate in the comments section below.

Something new is coming to Animal Crossing's official site

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